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Vulnerabilities illuminated,
Application security simplified

Vulnerabilities illuminated,
Application security simplified

API and Web App Security. As you develop, simulate attacks to see what is actually exploitable, quickly and easily.

Start Making Meaningful Security Improvements Quickly and Easily

Traditional DAST creates time consuming and boundless issues for development teams. NightVision is a Web and API Security Testing Platform that saves time and generates a tangible increase in ROI.

Comprehensive Scans

Thoroughly scan apps on public AND private networks for full coverage

Run meticulous and comprehensive scans within 3-10 minutes and share insightful results throughout the organization.

Fast High-Quality Results

Unbelievably fast scans integrated directly into your CI/CD

Get websites and APIs thoroughly scanned with far fewer false positives as compared to alternative DAST and SAST products.

Modern Gray Box Testing

Emulate attacks and pinpoint vulnerabilities at the area of code

Locate vulnerabilities at the origin with the exact area of code highlighted. Get a perspective on your application the way attackers would.

Built to efficiently align security and developers

Security and development teams can finally work together in removing vulnerabilities before they hit production. Instead of spending time setting up and babysitting a DAST scan, only to generate false positives for developers to deal with, NightVision makes scanning streamlined and simple.

Speed Without The Sacrifice

NightVision takes <1 min to set up. Developers can start and run scans by themselves, easily and quickly. Security Engineers can use their time more productively.

Comprehensive and Reliable

Know your websites and APIs are thoroughly examined. NightVision covers more territory than any DAST product, including undocumented APIs through modern greybox crawling.

Purpose-Built for Developer Workflows

NightVision can be embedded directly within the developers' normal CI/CD workflows. New issues found on PRs or on local instances help for easier and quicker remediation before deployment to production.

Evidence-Based for Fewer False Positives

Identifiable issues in code means that NightVision provides users with the exact place to remediate. Evidence means validated vulnerabilities.

Speed Without The Sacrifice

Run complex, full coverage scans at scale.

Coverage is everything. NightVision is architected for security engineers to confidently scan their entire environment. Private applications. Public facing assets. API endpoints, documented and undocumented.

Our tests show a 200%+ higher coverage than our closest automated competitor.

See what others don't, and see it as early as in your local dev environment.

NightVision scans take 15 minutes or less.

"Application Security Testing vendors have fought for decades about SAST and DAST outlining each's weak points. IAST vendors couch themselves as a savior, but frustrate adopters as well.

For me, NightVision's delight lies in combining the strengths of SAST and DAST without IAST's friction. Customers appreciate exploitable findings with root cause analysis anchored in the appropriate source code."

John Steven

Former CTO, Cigital (acquired by Synopsys)

"NightVision is uniquely positioned to help improve the security of modern applications and APIs by making it easier and significantly faster to discover vulnerabilities."

Jeremy Ward

CISO, Tyler Technologies (NYSE: TYL)

Shift Left to the Source

Remediate validated issues at the root.

NightVision identifies issues at the exact area(s) of code so developers don't have to spend time chasing down or validating vulnerability reports, saving you money and precious engineering resources.

Instant remediation support with AI powered explanations.

Pinpoint the vulnerable areas of your code in your local dev environment, or on a commit, or on a PR.

Integrate DAST earlier in the software development lifecycle, because now you can!

Our team

Meet the brains behind the cutting edge innovation

George Prince

Founded two tech companies that sold to Gerber Scientific and CBS. Equity Portfolio Manager at the Royal Bank of Canada. Graduated Yale University.

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Kinnaird McQuade
CTO & Architect

Former Lead Security Engineer positions at Square, Salesforce, and Synopsys. Creator of several open source security tools with millions of downloads.

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John Steven
Board Director

Over two decades of experience in software security and advising successful startups. Currently an advisor to CISOs within the financial space, and a fractional CTO to security startups.

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Shaun Murphy
Board Member

Shaun is a veteran of the cybersecurity industry and has been recognized as a leading expert in the field. For over 25 years, Shaun has commercialized patented cybersecurity technologies and has held pivitol roles including the Head of Security Engineering at Ubuntu and with the U.S. Department of Defense.

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Didi Dayton

Didi is labeled 'the best networker in Cybersecurity' Didi brings over 25 years of experience in building early-stage and hyper-scaled businesses, including 13 M&A and 3 post-merger integration teams (NYSE: ARW) and one IPO (NASDAQ: FEYE).

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Sateesh Prabakaran

Managing Director, Payments Technology at JPMorgan, which includes management of Modern DevOps teams and their code development and tools.

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Qilong Wang
VP of Engineering

Engineering leader with over 20 years of experience at large-sized enterprises and startups. Demonstrated success in leading teams to develop large-scale, high-performance SaaS products.

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Doug Kimmel
Advisory Board Member/Marketing

An executive with 25+ years of experience in the marketing services and business development space working with top brands and high-profile properties. Doug founded ION Marketing Group in 2004 and recently launched Queens Gate Group LLC – a venture group + brand consultancy.

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Jennifer Ceran
Board Director

Held Treasurer, IR, and/or CFO roles at eBay, PayPal, Cisco, Box, Sara Lee, and Smartsheet. Board experience includes NerdWallet, Klaviyo, Auth0, Riskified, Wyze Labs, & NightVision.

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Hrishi Joshi

Held Engineering Leadership roles at Microsoft, Amazon, Smartsheet, Intel, and two startups over 25 years.

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Kathleen Destefano
Head of Finance

With over 40 years of experience as a CPA. Kathy started and sold businesses in multiple states, including one sold to Sanofi.

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Aidan Steele
Founding Engineer

AWS Serverless Hero. Industry-leading expert in AWS, serverless, and cloud security with over a decade of experience.

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A More Effective Way to Scan

Dynamic Whitebox Application Testing

NightVision powers up your team's scanning by infusing static analysis into its testing. Unlike traditional scanning, NightVision's smart auto documentation means undocumented APIs don't get missed.

Tie findings back to exploitability for higher signal.

Trace vulnerabilities back to code for faster remediation.

Auto-generate Swagger documentation of API endpoints.

Tangible Increase in ROI

Greatly reduce your cybersecurity spend.

NightVision offers a high return on security investment. Developers and security teams save hours of time, allowing both departments to earn back precious engineering resources.