Redefining DAST

A great security program makes software development faster, easier and more reliable. NightVision is easy to set up, quick to scan, and certain in the vulnerabilities it finds for your team. Our platform is meant to integrate into a standard developer workflow and CI/CD pipeline so that teams can scan every time they push new code.

Hear from our CTO, Kinnaird McQuade
Hear from our CEO, George Prince
What We're Solving

Traditional DAST hinders engineering and innovation.

Historically, security engineers and developers struggle because their goals somewhat conflict.  Developers are paid to get code to market fast where their companies can generate revenue or goodwill.  Developers fear that security engineers will slow the process, and who likes to be told they made mistakes.  Security engineers want to minimize risk. Security fears that code will get to market without proper testing or compliance.   Security wants thoroughness. Because today's tools are inadequate, a process like the one below is typical.  The problem is it is slow, tedious, and full of friction.

NightVision solves this conflict.  The Developer can test, easily, at their pace. The Security Engineer knows the test is thorough.

Software Development with Standard Application Security Testing Processes is Long and Complex
NightVision streamlines the entire process, ensuring that secure development is not only incredibly easy but also highly efficient.
NightVision Automates Many of the Tasks and Stages of Testing

Run In-Depth, Full Coverage Security Scans in Just 3-10 Minutes

Go full cycle on setup, scanning, vulnerability identification, remediation, and retest in a short period of time.
Dive Straight Into Scanning with Minimized Setup and Configuration

Start scanning in minutes.

Save time with better workflows

Integrated directly into CI/CD pipelines, NightVision saves teams precious engineering time.

Scan apps on private networks

Our unique architecture and solution allows security teams to do what they never could before: easily scan applications on both public and private networks.

Continuous Improvement

Make CI stand for Continuous Improvement as NightVision scans each time a developer pushes new code.

Spend time looking at the right places

Find critical vulnerabilities and see the issue at the line of code.

Seeing is Believing
Experience the difference for yourself

See our platform and its capabilities for yourself. Schedule a Demo and speak with one of our technical experts to see how NightVision can change the way you DAST.


Faster Scans

NightVision takes <1 min to set up and produce scan results in just minutes. Developers can start and run scans by themselves, easily and quickly.


Greater Coverage

NightVision covers more territory than any DAST product, including undocumented APIs through modern greybox crawling.


Superior Findings

Identifiable issues in code means that NightVision provides users with the exact place to remediate. Evidence means validated vulnerabilities.

See how NightVision works across teams

NightVision is built for team members of all levels to work across engineering and security. Simple, yet powerful, workflows allows users to make meaningful contributions quickly.

For Security Champions
  • Continuously run security tests with each pull request.

  • Integrate NightVision directly into CI/CD pipelines.

  • Get high signal findings so your team doesn't have to spend hours validating.

  • Reduce improper inventory management risk through the automatic documentation of existing APIs

For Security Engineers
  • Easily instrument automated testing across your applications and APIs

  • Simple set up for authentication and replay.

  • Reduce the workload of having to babysit scans.

  • Get results within minutes of starting a scan.

For Platform Engineers
  • Reduce improper inventory management risk through the automatic documentation of existing APIs

  • Integrate NightVision directly into CI/CD pipelines and reduce security-developer friction.

For Developers
  • Know exactly what and why to remediate vulnerabilities.

  • Get notified on findings earlier in your development process.

  • Continuously simulate attacks with each pull request without additional setup tax.

  • See vulnerabilities traced back to your code.

For Pentesters
  • Automate away low-hanging fruit and tedious reporting so you can focus on the real security work that still needs to be done.

  • Scan undocumented APIs with no manual setup, network captures, or Intruder configs.

  • Customize NightVision to your liking and integrate your existing Nuclei checks.

  • Easily export reports and augment with contextual AI explanations for each vulnerability.
  • Get high signal findings on both public and private network applications and APIs.