NightVision Raises $5.4 Million In Seed Funding to Develop Fast and Easy-to-Use Application Security Testing

Addressing the Need to Change Fundamentally How to Test and Secure Software

BRADENTON, FL, April 15, 2024 – NightVision, an application security innovator, secured a $5.4 million seed fund investment from entrepreneurs and executives across cybersecurity, industrial, consumer, and financial services sectors.

NightVision introduces a modern gray-box security testing approach, designed to empower developers with fast, easy-to-use, and comprehensive vulnerability testing throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

"Software security testing has failed to keep up with the pace of software development and innovation. Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Static Application Security Testing (SAST) have frustrating shortcomings," said George Prince, CEO and co-founder of NightVision. "Organizations should not have to choose between speed to market, ease-of-use, or security. They should be able to have it all."

NightVision will empower developers to discover and fix security issues before the flaws are deployed. Existing solutions have fallen short in discovering exploitable vulnerabilities due to the time and expertise required, often taking hours or days to scan. Unprecedented nation-state threats make software vulnerabilities easy back doors to government, critical infrastructure, healthcare, financial services, and Fortune 100 networks.

NightVision's "good" hacking aims to overturn the dilemma that no team can justify the hours imposed by DAST. API and Web Application Security issues can be detected before production at the developer's pace and surfaced easily inside their existing workflow for quick remediation.

"In recent years, there's been an explosion of custom applications, APIs, and microservices - but the application security testing industry has been unable to keep up with the rapid pace of development," said Kinnaird McQuade, NightVision CTO and co-founder. "Especially now that developers are building faster with AI-assisted solutions like GitHub Copilot, this has to change, now more than ever. NightVision will help companies focus on exploitable security vulnerabilities, not noise."

About NightVision

NightVision enables software security testing earlier in the software lifecycle, identifies exploitable vulnerabilities, and ties it back to the line of code. Moving at the speed of innovation, NightVision ensures that security does not impact development timelines.

CONTACT: Adam Benson,, 202.999.9104


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